We do everything possible to pack our products as safe as possible

To guarantee this safety for our products we use certain packaging that is adjusted in size, strength and shock absorption. This ensures an easy sustain of long journeys and subsequent storage.  For us, the use of recyclable materials or materials which can be collected in specialised facilities and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner is of the greatest importance. This means that we use, for example, untreated polystyrene to package our shower enclosures, which are steam-heated to expand the granules, hence its appellation of EPS – Expanded Polystyrene. The finished moulded components consist of around 98% air and 2% foam, and do not contain flame retardants or similar additives.

Our packaging label is an important source of information

Packaging labels communicate all the important information for the carrier, the customer and for Duka itself. Further to the indication of the destination also the data of the final customer, the type of good (stock, purchasing goods) as well as all information of the shower enclosure itself are indicated. This information guarantee an easy product management, fast retrieval of certain cabins and therefore shorter delivery times. By the digital recording of the label data are checked and released for shipment > Label description