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multi-S 4000 new

Experience the individuality of the new multi-S 4000. Combine functionality and aesthetics with innovation, ease of care and sublime elegance. Thanks to its exceptional flexibility and variety, the new multi-S 4000 is a symbol of uniqueness! The new model range creates exceptional and personalised solutions that can be adapted to any situation, no matter how complex they are.

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 multi-S 4000 handles

The new aluminum standard knob handle becomes an eye-catcher. The distinctive character of this handle renews itself, aligning with the modern spirit-of-the-times and providing new tactile experiences. Its flattering structure accompanies the handle with unparalleled naturalness, adding a touch of class to the shower enclosure.

With its special shape, the standard handle for folding pendant solutions focuses not only on modern design, but also on ergonomics. The Soft-Grip inlay echoes the haptic structure of the knob handle and thus contributes to an even better grip and a timeless and unmistakable design.

The optional handle with its classic shape embodies timeless elegance. The square shape and the recessed grip offer a comfortable and stable grip.

Technical details

The hinge now takes on a new, more fluid form in harmony with the soft lines of the model. This element, with its minimal and light design, retains its intrinsic functionality, but now does so with amplified beauty. The hinge allows a 180° outward opening.

The folding/pivoting hinge is bonded to the glass using innovative Duka UV glueing technology. This means that neither drill holes nor cut-outs are required. What remains is a pristine glass surface with a clean appearance for easier cleaning.

The support bar is transformed in appearance by wrapping around the glass and the wall with a strength that exudes security and with no screws in sight. In addition, the bar is flush with the height of the cabin, so tiling at shower cabin height is not an obstruction to a simple and an easy installation.

The cylindrical tubular hinge has been reduced to a minimum, allowing the transparency of the glass to take centre stage. Minimalistic in appearance, great in functionality: the proven "auto close" closing system allows the pivot elements to engage exactly where required.

The magnetic strip disappears discreetly inside the shut-off profiles, leaving only the shine of the aluminium visible. This improves the aesthetics of the cabin without restricting its functionality. The extremely thin layer of aluminium over the magnet ensures a high level of effectiveness.

With several solutions, the door can be adjusted to the millimetre using an adjustment wheel - even years later. multi-S 4000: well thought-out from installation to application.

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multi-S 4000 - new

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