The certificate of warranty created by Duka is an outstanding tool to help Duka and its partners to promptly and reliably deal with complaints or provide repair and spare parts

Duka declares that Duka shower enclosures are covered by a contractual guarantee. In particular, Duka informs the final user that Duka shower enclosures are guaranteed as follows: 5-YEAR GUARANTEE from the date of production stamped on the guarantee certificate. 

The final user therefore has the right to contact his/her own Dealer, who will arrange for enforcement of the guarantee according to the above stated terms. The request for measures to be taken under the guarantee must be addressed to your own Dealer in writing, and the said request must clearly specify the defect and give all information that may be useful in order to verify the nature and the entity of the defect. The contractual guarantee does not cover:

  • installation and assembly that have not been carried out perfectly or failure to observe the Duka assembly, use and maintenance instructions;
  • defects deriving from lack of maintenance and/or cleaning carried out without observing the Duka assembly, use and maintenance instructions, or incorrect transport, unloading and conservation modalities (such as, for example, storing the products in the open air);
  • modification, repair, addition, replacement of defected or damaged Duka product parts without authorization from duka, or, in any case, carried out by third parties other than duka;
  • in the case of glass breakage and wear caused by the ordinary usage of the Duka product. This refers to coatings and wearing parts, which are excluded from warranty claims: anti-flooding and waterproofing gaskets, magnets, roller bearings, sliding hooks, bumpers, rabbets and guide rail.

Shower enclosures which are found to be damaged on arrival must not be installed, otherwise the guarantee will be null and void. If measures are requested to be taken under the guarantee, the final user undertakes to deliver to the Dealer the certificate of guarantee together with the document confirming the delivery of the product, and the payment receipt slip and/or the invoice, without which documents the guarantee shall be null and void. It remains understood that this Guarantee is in addition to the legal guarantee which shall always remain valid and binding.

Availability guarantee >> Duka guarantees the availability of the components subject to wear, for 10 years from production date.

Water Retention >> Water tightness is in fact one of the main characteristics a shower enclosure requires, in order to be CE-marked; Duka puts great attention on this, throughly documenting all the tests. Where the different construction elements and surfaces join, water retention has to be provided. Water tightness between wall, shower tray and shower enclosure is guaranteed by performing the installation according to the best practice and following the provided installation instructions. Tightness between glazings and profiles is provided directly in the production process, with continuous sealings and proper sealing profiles. The water tightness on the doorstep area depends instead on the different installation conditions:

The enclosures with horizontal profiles offer the best protection against water leakage. The bottom profile acts in fact like a dam.
In the enclosures without horizontal profiles, water tightness is achieved through the combination of drip-off profile with anti-flood profile.
Without anti-flood profile, water could easily leak out, therefore this profile must always be installed.

Care and maintenance >> A regular cleaning after each shower is the best protection against limestone formation and dirt. It is sufficient to spray the shower enclosure surfaces first with hot, then with cold water, removing the remaining drops with a wiper. This procedure applies to all the shower enclosure surfaces (glass surfaces, with or without sealing coating, plastic glazings, profiles and generally on all the surfaces). The intensive cleaning has to be performed with a frequency which can vary from once a week to once a month, depending on water quality and aggressiveness, as well as on the frequency of use of the shower enclosure. For the intensive cleaning, we suggest to use Pronett detergent. Do never use cleaning agents which are abrasive, alcaline, acid, with chlorine, oxidizing agents, or solvents. The cleaning has to be performed using a clean and soft cloth, free from dirt and particles which could cause scratches. The showering area should be sufficiently aired after each shower use, to contrast mold formation.

Glass properties >> Duka manufactures its glass shower enclosures using exclusively high-quality thermally toughened safety glass, complying with the EN 14428 standard. The glass production process characteristics do not permit to exclude the formation of tiny gas bubbles in the glass. These bubbles, toghether with the green reflections which can be seen on edges under particular light conditions, are a peculiarity of the glass, actually distinguishing a genuine glass from a “sinthetic glass” in plastic material. 

Safety >> Thermally-toughened safety glass is characterized by enhanced impact, bending and thermal resistance. Glass edges are delicate spots, and it is necessary to avoid contacts with door handles, wash basins and similar hard surfaces, paying attention to the installation area characteristics. In case of breakage, the glass panel falls apart into small cuboid fragments rather than irregular shards of glass, as it happens for traditional window glas, and it is therefore less likely to cause injury.

All our warranty certificates are provided with an RFID label

This warranty certificate is enclosed in the box when the shower enclosure is packed. An employee drives with the shower enclosure through an RFID reader. This automatically reads the RFID chips in the boxes and generates the loading list. This allows us to see how many and whether the right shower enclusures are on the truck.