Less is more

When designing our shower enclosures, we focus on the essential and trust in the beauty of simplicity. Clear lines, understated elegance and top quality materials make Duka shower enclosure an eye-catching feature in every bathroom. Form does not follow function here at duka: They come together in single, inseparable unity. We begin all of our designs by examining the big questions, and hone and shape them to an effortlessly flowing conclusion.

The Duka Lifestyle

A Duka is so much more than a piece of furniture. A Duka expresses your approach to life. That’s why we put our heart and soul into making showering a deep, profound pleasure rather than a necessity. Showering in a Duka is a ritual that sets you up for the day or leads your way to a relaxed, comforting sleep. It is the feeling of warmth, security and freedom from care. A Duka is there for you, a life companion you can count on.