Enjoy your shower experience without worries

A range of technical highlights made of high-quality materials guarantees optimum and long-lasting splash water protection. For example, we offer you a sophisticated seal system, water-repellent drip-off rubbers and discreet anti-surge strips that prevent water from escaping from the shower area. In addition, transparent vertical seals also keep water at bay between the glass joints. Because Duka shower enclosures are open to everything except water.

The 3-star seal system

An exceptionally discreet, inconspicuous PVC seal strip is attached to the base of the glass. The inner deflector and the soft, downward-angled flaps guide the water in the right direction. It can be removed easily and quickly for cleaning or replacement.

The 4-star seal system

An exceptionally discreet aluminium profile is fitted to the base of the glass together with a PVC seal insert – practically invisible, and outstandingly efficient. The water-repellent inner deflector and soft, downward-angled flaps keep the water firmly in check. The seal strip can be removed extremely quickly and easily for cleaning or replacement.

The 5-star seal system

Maximum innovation and practicality, day after day! The discreet aluminium profile is attached flush to the base of the glass with no protrusion, cutting potential dirt residue to a minimum. The PVC seal insert (similarly, with no protrusion) features an inner deflector and soft, downward-angled PVC flaps. Barely visible, and timelessly beautiful, they offer outstanding performance and can be removed with the greatest of ease for cleaning or replacement if required.