Custom-designed shower enclosures

Is my custom-designed shower enclosure particularly expensive?

Custom-designed shower enclosures are part of dukas everyday life. Every third shower enclosure that leaves our factory is made to measure. That's why the ordering process for a custom-designed shower doesn't change much - it’s as easy, fast and efficient as a standard enclosure.

How can my custom-designed shower be adapted?

Custom-designed shower enclosures are just like bespoke tailoring: made just for you, regardless of whether it is to be fitted under a sloping roof or customers orders with custom-designed products.

Do I have to wait a long time for my custom-designed shower enclosure?

duka is a specialist in custom dimensions. After all, we even have our own glassworks. That means no delays, and glass that is cut with millimetre precision. That's why duka delivery times are kept to a minimum, even with custom-made products.


pura 5000

vetra 3000

princess 4000

multi-S 4000

vela 2000

acqua R 5000

acqua R 5000

acqua R 5000

dukessa 3000

multi 3000

acqua 5000

acqua 5000

pura R 5000

pura R 5000

natura 4000

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