Tailor-made shower enclosures

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A shower enclosure is an expression of personal style! We create products that are as unique as the people who use them. We specialise in personalised products and offer our customers a wide range of possibilities. Our passion drives us to create products that combine functionality and pleasure.

Is my made-to-measure shower enclosure particularly expensive?

For Duka, made-to-measure shower enclosures are part of everyday life. One out of every three enclosures that leave our factory is made to measure. So there's very little difference compared to standard enclosures. Even when you're ordering your enclosure, everything remains simple, quick and efficient.
How exactly does my customisation work?
Made-to-measure shower enclosures are like a tailor's: made especially for you, to fit your situation, whatever it may be, even in an attic.

How long do I have to wait for my made-to-measure shower enclosure?

Duka is the made-to-measure specialist. We have our own glaziery and the glass can be cut to the millimetre immediately, without delay. That's why Duka has the fastest delivery times, even for made-to-measure products.

Do I have to wait long to get my custom-made shower enclosure?

Duka is a specialist in made-to-measure. We have our own glass factory and the glass can be cut to the millimetre without delay. That is why Duka guarantees very fast delivery times even for made-to-measure.

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