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gallery 3000

Living tradition in a modern way
So simple, yet so special: the interaction of clear style and harmonious proportions grant this shower enclosure an arresting beauty and striking buoyancy. With its linearity of form, the new gallery 3000 is a harmonious fit for all bathrooms. Discreet yet eye-catching: The perfect solution for all people for whom a shower is an every-day routine but by no means an everyday item.

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 gallery 3000 handles


The handle is the result of practicality blended with ergonomic performance and design, and has been precision-designed to match the functional and aesthetic features of the door itself; the shape is in perfect harmony with the regular geometric lines of the enclosure. The rubber element within the handle in the inner side of the door ensures top functionality, particularly when in contact with water. For doors without a fixed frame component, the outer side of the handle is fitted with a buffer to protect the door, wall and furnishings in case of contact.

Technical details

New, linear, unobtrusive: The harmonious design of the hinges is everything you could ever wish for. The rounded corners enhance the beauty of the shower enclosure as a whole, in seamless flow with the other elements of your shower enclosure.

For the first time, the gallery 3000 series features a swing door with 180° hinges. The 90° bi-directional opening ensures easy access to the shower, even in smaller bathrooms.

The hinges are attached directly to the glass by means of the tried-and-tested Duka UV adhesive technology. The inner surface of the glass is completely smooth, giving you both clear, uncluttered beauty and outstanding ease of cleaning.

The horizontal support bars are, likewise, in complete aesthetic harmony with the linear features of the handle and profiles, and play their own part in enhancing the elegance of your shower enclosure. The minimum width of 11 mm guarantees absolute stability with minimum visual impact. The screws of the support bar are countersunk and flush with the surface, while its position allows for maximum flexibility when mounting the showerhead.

A thin, aluminium profile with a magnetic insert is affixed to the vertical edge of the glass. The aluminium profile is calibrated to hold fast to the glass without adhesives, and keeps the magnet firmly in place when the door is in movement or during cleaning. Tolerance can be adjusted at the time of installation.

Colours and glasses


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satin glass


Parsol grey








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