Colour Up Your Life

The colours out of the family Colour Up Your Life are available for our products natura 4000, libero 4000 (freestanding doors only) and libero 3000. are now available in the new trendy colours to offer an ever-increasing choice and satisfy all interior design requirements.

With natura 4000 we confirm once more their skilled expertise in developing high-performance, exceptionally comfortable products. The contemporary spirit of the natura 4000 rounds out this high-end series, embodied in a captivating product, which allows the customer to enjoy the pleasure of a true shower experience, day after day after day.

libero 4000: these solutions are ideal for those who prefer open, unobstructed yet strategically functional and customisable spaces. We want to offer more possibilities to design your own shower enclosure according to your taste and needs.

libero 3000 is the ideal Walk In solution to complete large and complex spaces. The wall support guarantees maximum stability and safety of the glass while respecting the clean, minimalist design of the shower enclosure. It can be installed at an angle of 30°, for a discrete appearance, or at an angle of 90°, for a more linear look.