Easy-clean glass & all-round ease of care

duka shower enclosures are a stunning feature to any bathroom. To make sure that you are able to enjoy your "duka" for as many years as possible, taking good  care of it is essential. duka shower enclosures in gleaming safety glass or acrylic, with or without surface protection - here are a few tips to help with your shower cleaning routine: > Product Maintenance


ProCare: the new easy-clean shower panels by duka - with lasting transparency and corrosion protection. Cleaning has never been so quick and easy! A special coating is applied to the glass, making it significantly easier to clean than untreated glass: All you need to do is give it a quick wipe-down after showering > to the video


The long-lasting properties of ProCare are obtained through a special magnetron process to apply a layer of metal oxide to the glass, after which it is tempered in a glass furnace to activate the coating; if product care instructions are followed, this coating will remain on the glass for life. All glass needs proper care, and ProCare is no exception. To clean your glass, we recommend using water and a soft cloth or a wiper and a cleaning product specifically for shower enclosures. Do not use abrasive products. Glass corrosion corrodes and ages the surface of the glass. This creates a cloudy film on the glass, which leads to the build-up of grime. ProCare protects your glass from corrosion, giving you a sparklingly transparent glass that stands the test of time.


With ProCare, the glass retains its crystal-clear transparency over time: Discolouring and glass corrosion are problems of the past. ProCare glass is clean and smooth, even when magnified 1000 times under a microscope. n contrast, this image illustrates traditional shower panels after daily cleaning: The rough surface is coated in a cloudy, white film.


"Protect" is an innovative system whereby "Securit" labelled crystal glass is given a protective coating. "Protect" changes the properties of the glass surface: The surface becomes smoother. The surface becomes smoother, chemically inert and water-repellent.This brings major advantages: Higher resistance to scratching, less chemical compounds with calcium, hydro-carbons and metal oxides, dirt hardly stays stuck on the glass surface and in order of that the surface needs to be cleaned only half as often or less Important: Do NOT use any abrasive cleaners or alkaline cleaning agents!